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Aiming for the highest quality

A supplement that you continue to take every day for your health.  Therefore, it is very important that the quality is safe and secure. 

We are pursuing safety that all employees can recommend to their families with peace of mind.

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Under the supervision of
an expert

We are developing products with advice from authoritative expert in each field. In addition to prescribing the highest quality raw materials that are currently conceivable based on evidence, we are studying the characteristics of each raw material and the synergistic effect of combining with other materials, and are working to develop supplements that will give you a better sense of what you are doing.

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A simple prescription that eliminates extra things as much as possible

No coloring or flavoring is required for supplements

that are taken with the body in mind. We formulate to minimize unnecessary auxiliary ingredients and excipients. Therefore, the required amount of ingredients can be supplemented with a small number of grains.

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Vegetable capsule

We are actively using vegetable capsules made from corn and seaweed. Compared to capsules made from other ingredients, it disintegrates faster in the body.


Naturally derived ingredients

It is known that naturally derived raw materials have a longer residence time in the body than synthetic raw materials and have a high utilization rate in the living body. Considering the performance in the body, we are actively using naturally derived ingredients.

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Raw materials We use only raw materials that control where the raw materials are born and where they are processed and can disclose them at any time. While foods made in some countries are worried, we select only ingredients whose distribution channels are clear.


Raw material analysis

Origin of raw materials We use only raw materials that have passed various tests, inspections, and analyzes, such as raw materials, their manufacturing processes, and residual pesticides, and whose safety and quality are guaranteed.


Manufactured in a FDA Registered Facility
Manufactured in a GMP certified factory

By looking at the display on the back of the product, you can see "what" and "how much" it contains. However, there are not many opportunities to know "where" and "how" it was made. Pharmaceuticals have a decree called "Ministerial Ordinance on Standards for Manufacturing Control and Quality Control of Pharmaceuticals and Quasi-drugs". It is a law for making safe and secure pharmaceutical products by guaranteeing the soundness of the manufacturing process and factories. However, supplements are food. Since there is no rule to guarantee quality like the above laws and regulations, it is safe and secure that there is no contamination such as dust and germs in the manufacturing process and that the ingredients are contained as indicated on the ingredient label. There is no obligation to guarantee that. GMP is an abbreviation for Good Manufacturing Practice, which means "Good Manufacturing Practice". This is a system for continuing to manufacture products that are safe and maintain a certain level of quality. The Molecular Physiology and Chemistry Institute supplements are manufactured only in this GMP certified food supplement factory. We guarantee a high level of safety and quality at the pharmaceutical level.

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#1 Pharmacist Recommended Brand 

We have been providing supplements to medical institutions since our establishment.

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